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      PPG The Voice of Color? is all about you, your personality, your style, your five senses. It is a personal, collaborative color program that seeks to engage you no matter how you start your color journey – by color family, by project or by designer collection. With both Interior and exterior finishes and all the supplies to go with, we can be your one stop shop for all your finishing projects!

      Stories are so important to the identification of styles and colors that all the colors in our collections, especially the heart of our program, Harmony, have a story built around them. The colors are shown together in groups, in context, knowing that it’s never about considering just one color when designing a space. Customers want to look at a space and say, “this is me, this is who I am.”

      The Voice of Color provides a full color system for all our customers, from architects to pro painters, designers to facility managers and new home builders to consumers. The tools are customized to offer the right options for our customers to use on any painting project.

      • Interior Paint
      • Exterior Paint
      • Interior Stain
      • Exterior Stain
      • Primers
      • Painting Tools and Sundries
      • Staining Tools and sundries
      • Colored Caulks
      • Sealants


      Paint Minooka

      Paint Minooka

      Paint Minooka

      Paint Minooka

      Our Paint Brands